Little Ones

A distant howl is herd across the tundra,

The sound shaking the ground like wild thunder,

Wolves join in a chorus of joy,

For pups have arrived, great howls they deploy,

As the little ones come out to greet their first day,

Emerging to meet the pack, always wanting to play,

New scents, sounds, faces, and skills they must know,

For soon the alpha pair howl a warning, "Soon it will snow!"

Young wolf pups must grow husky and strong,

As the winters here, are cold and long,

The little wolf pups smile and giggle,

Small bones they chew on and nibble,

Not a worry in their hearts,

Not a worry in their souls, their lives just beginning to start,

Yet with the leaders these young ones have, wise and much alive,

Food will be plentiful, guaranteed, they will all survive.

By ©Brooke M. a.k.a. Spirit Wolf

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