I am The White Wolf

I am the Ice Wolf
I'm white as the snow
My heart is a jumble
As i sort through the mess

All that i knew
Is gone in a flash
As man hunts us down

One by one
We fade away
Under the night sky

But know this
Man, the true murderer
Thou our numbers may dwindle
Our friends and family gone

Together we run as one
For one day we shall be
The masters once again

For we unite when times become ruff
We depend on each other
Stand strong and tough

As long as we run
The world that is free
As long as we are one
With each other and thee

And so i tell you
As both human and wolf
As neither human nor wolf

We mush unite
Learn from each other
Listen to the spirit inside

I am the Ice
I am the cold
I am the warm white in the snow

I am the master
I am my master
I am a hunter

I am proud
To be as i am
I am me and
That is all that i am

I am the spirit
I am the snow
I am the heart and the soul

By Ice Wolf

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