The Wolf Journey

We had been traveling for six moons. Mountains now perched over our pack, casting shadows among us, which made us shiver. I am the alpha male named, Domain and my alpha female is named Lossica. We are the leaders and that comes with the responsibility of keeping the pack safe.

We left our homes six moons ago, because big white skinned animals with sticks that blow fire and rocks, shot at us and tried to kill us. So we ran for many moons without sleep until we collapsed for exhaustion after about the third moon.

The eighth moon had come and gone and we were still climbing a cold, foggy summit. When we got to the top, the most breath-taking picture was before my eyes. We could see the earth curve before us. We stayed there for three moons. then we left.

Now we live in the Great Plains. I will always remember our trip from the Great Basin to the Great Plains. Now a days, I sit and think about the Earth curving before me. We have a problem here too with the hunter, but if I can survive a trip like we took, I can live through the hunters trying to kill us. I think about that sight of the Great Plains, and it keeps me living and striving to live.

by Nathan Ford

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