Gray Wolf Taxonamy - Eruasia

X Indicates an extinct subspecies

albus a large, light-colored wolf from the northern Russian Federation and northern Finland.

arabs a small, buff-colored wolf from the Arabian peninsula; not recognized as a subspecies until 1934.

campestris the central Asian wolf, or steppe wolf.

chanco (= laniger) the wolf of Mongolia and China.

cubanenis found between the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea; not recognized by some taxonomists.

X detanus a small wolf once found in Spain, now extinct; not recognized by some taxonomists as a subspecies.

desertorum (= palies) Asian desert wolf, found in the arid areas east of the Black Sea; not recognized by some taxonomists.

X hatti (= rex) a wolf once found in Hokkaido, Japan; probably not extinct, although some taxonomists believe it still survives on Sakhalin Island.

X hodophilax a wolf once found in Honshu, Japan; extinct since 1935; much smaller than C.I hatti.

laniger (see chance)

lupus the most common species throught Eurasia, and the first named of all wolf subspecies, designated by Linnaeus in 1758.

X minor a wolf once found in Hungary and Austria; extinct by the early 1900s.

palies (see desrtorium).

pallipes a small wolf of India and southern Asia; synonymous with arabs, according with some taxonomists.

rex (see hatti).

signatus the Iberian wolf of Spain and Portugal; not recognized by some taxonomists.

Other wolf species

canis simensis the Abyssinian wolf, is another debated species that inhabits the highlands of Ethiopia. The plethora of alternate names for the animal reflects its questional taxonomy: Abyssinian jackal, simien jackal, red jackel, simien fox, Abyssinian wolf, Ethipian wolf.

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