The Three Wolves

Long ago, when the earth was new, there were three wolves. One, was earth; two was air; and three was sky. They all lived peacefully with the other animals. All except the goblins, which do not live on earth anymore. One day, the wolves and goblins started a fight. All the animals helped the wolves. In the battle, the wolves were wounded. Soon the battle ended. The team of animals had won and wiped the goblins from the face of the earth. But after the battle everybody looked to see the wolves were dead. The animals looked to see their spirits fly free and become these: the earth, air, and sky. In the wolves places were three pups, one male two female. That is why the wolf is friends with the earth.

Submitted by Christina, Age 10

Wolves and Nature

Acorns fall on wolves,
many years go by.
A tree shades some wolves.