The Legend of Night Creed

This story is a legend that came long before man, for his own selfish ways, shunned truth. Long in the past when the world was a bit more pure and when wolf and man lived along side each other as brothers. Well as you may know wolves are never given last names. But one wolf was... and this, is his story.

The little girl walked through the forest it was very dark. Her parents had told her not to play in the forest but she didn't care she did it anyway. The little girl stumbled upon a rock and tripped landing very close to a wolf pup dying of hunger, it couldn't be very old just barely old enough to eat solid foods . She felt pity for it and picked it up feeding it some bread that she was saving for the squirrels that sometimes wandered by.

"I know you haven't anything to give me in return for saving your life. But there is one thing I would like in return, I would like to name you." The little girl told the wolf as it ate the bread. The wolf looked at her with amber eyes and the girl knew the answer and whispered in the wolf's ear, "Your name is Night Creed, for your fur is midnight black and for your courage tonight." The little girl smiled at the wolf and says "Hold your name close and remember what it means and you shall never fail." the little girl said as she put the wolf down in a small cave.

Well neither the little girl nor the pup knew that the cave was a wolf's den and so the wolf slept. The wolf awoke the next morning to a pack of wolves growling angrily at him. Now being the brave wolf he was he stood and bowed his head to the alpha and asked "May I stay with your pack?" The omega snarled but the alpha just laughed "Fine young one I like your courage. What is your name?" The pup raised his head in pride and was about to make up a name when he remembered what had happened last night "Hold your name close and remember what it means and you shall never fail." The little girl's words rang in his mind and so he declared "I am Night Creed of the midnight pack" he answered. The alpha frowned now and he turned to Night and pushed him to his side staring at his left front paw, and there in the center of his delicate padded paw was a scar shaped like a crescent moon. "You are indeed of the midnight pack and so you may not stay." the alpha said pushing Night out of his cave "And you shall never return" Night held his head high and howled back "I shan't come back anyways your pack is not to my liking!" With that Night walked away from the cave. But almost right after he left a hawk flew down upon him and said in a low voice,

"The forest is doomed. The forest will die. The end shall be upon us."
"What ever do you mean?"
"The forest is doomed. The forest will die. The end shall be upon us."
"You have already said that tell me how to stop it."
"Stop it? A mere wolf like you? But perhaps you can."
"Well? Tell me how shall I stop it?"
"You shall travel to the World Mountain and there the answer awaits you."
"Thank you my good friend."
The wolf feeling satisfied set off to find the World Mountain.

By Nagato Han©

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