Shian - The Great Silver Wolf

Shian, a pure silver, male wolf. Shining fangs, and huge paws. The bravest of the world. No other like him.

Shian, Una, and their pups ran throughout the night along with their pack. Close behind is a group of men with torches, pitchforks, and shovels, attempting to kill this peaceful pack. Turning, twisting, and running at top speed, Shian and one of his sons, Firopi, escape losing the whole pack.

Shian and Firopi, jumping over logs and running around trees, loose sight of the group and pack. Sadly, they stop in a unknown territory to catch their breath. Shian senses someone is near. He relieves himself to the sign of a female.

Firopi catches a glance of navy blue fur blurring past. Shian sees as well and gives a howl, hoping she will howl back. The figure slows and sits beside a rock, panting, and responds. She steps out of the shadows and has a set of crisp yellow eyes. Her long, waving navy blue fur is unnoticeable in the night darkness. She is known as Zoey. She agrees to help find a pack along with him.

Trudging through the snow, a herd of elk are near. Not hungry, the three find a way around and continue.

After walking a mile into another pack's territory, they can't go on. They stop to sleep. Around them, the birds chatter, the squirrels chase each other, and the blazing sun falls upon their sleeping bodies. Waking up wasn't easy, for a badger had stopped to rest on the warm cluster.

After getting the badger off, a low growl comes from a group of trees. There is an alpha male looking upon the weary travelers. This alpha could use Zoey and Firopi, but Shian could be a trespasser. Shian knows what he is thinking and bares his teeth, telling the alpha he is an alpha and has a pup. The alpha walks out of place and is baring his teeth, telling he has a pack to defend.

Zoey pulls Firopi over to the side, knowing what would happen next. The to wolves clash together and have a fateful fight. Whimpering and snarling falls over the woodlands, and many animals flee. There is one final whimper and Shian jumps back. The alpha had been more seriously injured than Shian.The alpha can not stand and is left there in the cold to die.

The alpha's pack allows them to enter and stay in the pack, for there is no alphas to defend them. Shian defends and hunts for the pack. More pups are born and the pack grows bigger. And that pack was called the Astform pack. Thank you for reading about Shian and the frightful journey.

By Anna

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