The Snow Wolfs' Eyes

wolf eyes

The full blue moon beams down on my face.
It lights the snow in florescent grace.
I never want to leave this place.
I'll abandon the hassels of the human race.

It's calm and quiet where I lay.
There's not a word that I can say.
The fire's died down,
There is no light,
to dim out the beauty of this night.

I'm in my sleeping bag trying to keep warm.
Feeling the fabric wrinkled and worn.

I stare out on the landscape in unspeakable wonder.
I stare out into the serene forest tundra.

The ice-cicled limbs of the tree that I lean on,
glistens a gentle white and blue neon.

I gradually look down and I'm startled to see,
two golden eyes staring at me.

What is this creature?
I dont really know.
but whatever it is blends in with the snow.

I can make out a figure.
Not ten yards away.
It's a single grey wolf looking for prey.

He slowly creeps closer in a soft, cautious stroll.
As I stare through his eyes and into his soul.

In his mind I see the things that he's done.
While roaming around in the dim winter's sun.

I see where he's going.
I see where he's been.
The kills of his hunts.
And the cubs in his den.

As he starts to turn slowly away,
I start to wonder: "Did he do the same?"
Had he witnessed my joy and my pain?
Or maybe he just wanted to know why I came.

He's now swiftly sprinting over the snow-covered field.
I notice him start to slowly yield.

He turns his head.
Looking one last time.
Savoring his brush with humankind.

When I see that he is finally gone,
I look up at the stars and wait until dawn.

by Drew Cooper

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