The Alaskan Wolf's Cry

Alone I wander, alone I sleep,
Alone I hunt and alone I sing.

All alone, all alone, all alone.
But I was not always alone, no, not always.

Once there was a pack, and pups, and a mate.
And togeather we hunted, wandered and played.

Then down from the sky came the airplane,
And with pounding hearts we ran for the trees.

But the plain swooped down on us like a great bird of prey,
While the humans inside fired away.

One by one my fellow wolves fell,
Twisting and crying, their blood staining the snow.

Running at my side my mate was shot down,
Letting out a yelp as she hit the ground.

Safe in the trees I turned my head,
To see my packmates all lying dead.

Only then did the humans land their plain,
To pose for some pictures by the wolves they had slain.

Those humans took everything from me that day,
Breaking my heart and crushing my spirit along the way.

Now wandering alone, though the night, I whimper and sigh,
Thinking one word over and over: WHY?

Someone out there, hear my lonely cry,
And tell me, please, why do you want us to die?

By by Wolfqueen©, 2007