Walking distant,
the moon so bright,
creatures creep in the stillness,

A lone wolf walks,
tired, yet continuing,
stepping through the night,
the air so cold.

A pack now lost,
the wolf searches,
through endless forests,
yet always alone.

No longer shall she howl in chorus with her brethren,
Nor find the mate she had for so short a time,
Their voices and hearts have been stilled.

Cries in her ears,
Echo the lovely voices,
but they are not familiar,
nor those she searches for.

Walking through the doors,
But makes no difference,
No one has looked at her,
All busy, with their own life's,
Their own loves,
Yet she is alone.

No second glances,
No compliments, nor words,
She walks on through the halls,
completely ignored,
searching for one,
who will love her
for her.

Foot step, Paw step,
In the same path,
both searching,
wanting to find,
that which they can't.

For one, everything has been lost,
for the other, no one glances her way,
Alike, so similar, sisters in heart,
Yet in body, so set apart.

Two heart-songs rise,
to the sky, pleading.
Yet both can see,
A destiny so forlorn,
All that awaits them.

Forever continuing,
on a road forsaken,
searching for the one,
to embrace them,
How far does the road go on?
How much longer till they find the one?

Several years,
Time does pass,
so quickly, yet,
Forever it has seemed,
that they have been Alone.

by Lily Peters©

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