A Lone Wolf

On a cliff high above town,
A lone wolf sits as the sun goes down.
The dark, the only friend he has known.
Enclosing him on this night so warm.
Voicing his thoughts the only way he knows how.
He lets loose with his yips and his howls.

This wolf, so tired of being alone.
No mate for him to call his own.
Laying his head upon his paws.
Letting loose a sigh through his massive jaws.
Closing his eyes to his friend the night.
This wolf sleeps alone on his solitary plight.

In the darkness a she wolf hears his howls.
Calling to her across the miles.
Beckoning to her with his song.
A solitary wolf, all alone.

Out of the dark the she wolf comes.
To his song she has succumbed.
With the moon shining high above.
She silently approaches her newfound love.

Nipping him gently on his ear.
Turning his head she sees his tears.
Knowing in her heart, giving up he had done.
'Cause he was tired of being alone.
Nudging in closer, licking his face.
The she wolf lays down next to her mate.
Letting him know, he is no longer alone.
Now these two wolves can sing a song of their own.

By ShySheWolf©

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