Aniu the great white wolf

Before I begin this story, you should know who Aniu is. Her full name is Aniu Durango Kamots, she is a pure white wolf with black tipped ears and yellow eyes. she has big paws and has long soft fur.

Running at top speed, leaving blurred tracks behind her, a white wolf seems to fly across a snow covered plain. She's been running for hours, looking for the right place. Looking for a pack. She had seen a couple, but the leaders gave her no sign of wanting her. She came to a forested spot by a lake and stops to take a drink. She is alone. Her pack had been killed by men and the deadly disease rabies up in the north. She had been chased down with her pack members, stuffed in cages, and left to get weak from starvation. The pups that had been born had died along with her pack members and her mate. She had escaped from her cage and had ran, leaving a trail for the men's hunting dogs to follow. She made a big circle, retracing trails she had made previously. She circled around and had made her way back to their campsite. She tried until her teeth bled to free her mate and pack members, but could not. When she had finally given up, the men were coming back. With tears in her eyes, she said goodbye to her mate and had fled, running as fast as she could to outrun the hunting dogs.Now she was here, starving and thirsty, scared and tired, looking for a pack and a new mate.

She looked up at the sky. It was a cloudless, starry night. a light breeze in the air. All seemed peaceful and quiet, like nothing could ever happen. She looked around. She noticed that she was in a wolf packs territory and if they found her in it, it was very likely that they would kill her. She started walking. She didn't know if she was walking further into the wolves' territory or not. She hoped that she wasn't.

A few miles away, a alpha wolf stirred. He smelt a new wolf in his territory and liked what she smelt like. She had everything that he wanted, past experience in a pack, a young adult in her prime, she new how to care for herself. He needed more members in his pack and he could use her. He thought that he and his pack would make a trip to go see her......

To be Continued....

by wolftracks315©

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