Aeosp's Fables: The Wolf Fails To Deceive the Horse

Wolf  and nurseA tricky old wolf once entered a farm, And seeing oats growing, he put on his charm,

So, calmly pretending that he meant no harm,

He spoke to a horse in his stall.

Sir Horse, I do hope you are comfortably fed, But in case you are hungry and famished instead, There are oats by the ton in one field, he said, And I ate none so you'd have all.

Now the horse knew quite well that the wolf hated oats And cared nothing for horses -- or cattle or goats, And in fact was well known for attacking their throats, So he couldn't resist ridicule:

"Sir Wolf", he said, Don't think me over-suspicious Were I to suspect there was something malicious In your lying claim you find oats delicious.

"BEGONE! Do you think me a fool?"

by Aeosp

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