Blue Eyes

Blue Eyes, a lone wolf who had been driven from her pack, walked forlornly towards a hill. She trudged to the top and let out a howl, a wild, long howl. A male wolf answered her. She recognized the wolf who answered her call. It was Spirit, another gray wolf. He answered his long, droning howl again, and Blue Eyes ran towards his voice. She found him in a clearing, standing tall, his nose pointed towards the sky. She gave a short bark towards him, and he ran up to her, panting. Blue Eyes looked down shyly.

"Hello, Spirit," smiled Blue Eyes. She looked into his golden eyes.

"Hello, Blue Eyes," he said, and whimpered. "I was driven away from my pack too. I tried to overtake the alpha male. Now it is only you and I, two outcasts in a lonely world."

"It may not be lonely, if we are together," whined Blue Eyes. She nuzzled his muzzle, and he licked her face. They spent many hours playing, under the full moon, until they ran off together into the wilderness.

by Blue-Eyed Spirit Wolf

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