Once in a Blue Moon

A sharp breeze rustles through the open field. Numbness grips the weary bones of an ancient soul. Between the heavy swoosh of open air and the cracking of a forgotten soul's heart, it's as if the two were symbolic. Each had an untimely connection with each other. The cold wind each year would sweep the lands and take all life in its pass, followed by its brother the frost without thought or forgiveness. The frost kills life and so has robbed his spirit.

He knew his time would come. He knew there would be a time when it would be useless to carry on any longer.

"I'm old", He said out loud.

But had he known that his kin, his own flesh and blood would a banded him for being the weak and slowing down the hunts, maybe one would have planned better. Maybe, one would have focused more on its surroundings and realized that the prey had moved on and there is simply nothing left in the barren lands.

A heavy weez escapes his nostrils in short breaths. He could see the mist from his breath. Gazing down his body, while laying on the ground, his once amber fur has turned a sleek gray with just a few strands of light brown left. His fur, now a matted jungle of dirt and leaves. Lifting his weary paw to scratch his side, he could feel the thick ribs sticking out of his body. His once powerful hind legs that used to pump him through the woods at high speed were nothing more then two frail sticks.

Pulling, himself up off the frosty ground, he began to stair at the deep blue sky and golden stars and started to remember a time when life was good and gracious. He had a name and rank. He knew there was a time when he was highly respected by all his fellow wolves for he was the Alpha. He had a family then. He had an identity.

There was a time when he thought his name meant respect among his pack. His name once was Shadow Fang. A name now that has been forgotten.

by Jessica Bruce

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