Breaking Free

At last here I was. The time had come for me to truly experience the great wild all the others had told me about.

I took in my surroundings, smelling the sweet fresh earth and watching every leaf as it quivered in the warm summer breeze.

Around my neck was the collar they, the humans, had placed around it before I'd left my comfort zone in the fenced in world that had been my home for so long. But now I was grown. Strong and swift legged, alert and brimming with the deep forces of youth. My gray-white hairs on my back bristling with the excitement.

"Come," Windbolt urged me. He stood beside me, green eyes eager for me to follow him.

I looked and caught the scent of the humans watching us from far off.

Then I turned with Windbolt, my brother, and we bounded forth into the deep embrace of the forests.

This was our world now and together we'd find our place in it. Living a new life of the wild. Raising a truly free family. this was the destiny of our kind. Of the wolves we were from ancient times. born to break away free into all nature's wonderful splendor designed just for us.

by Jennifer Tissot

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