Darkstorm's life

DarkStorm is an Alpha wolf that was killed 4 years ago while saving another wolf in his pack, and carried of into the forest by an injured bear that was slowly dying from a wound caused by DarkStorm... What made DarkStorm so unique from the other wolves? What made him special? Well sit back and listen to the story of DarkStorms Life....

DarkStorm's was born under the sign of the shadow... he had abilities that already would of made another Alpha wolf bow to him as a pup! He was able to take down caribou and other large animals as a teen wolf... he could talk with nature itself.. he was known as Natures Child... DarkStorm lost his mother around the time he was a pup, and his father,an alpha wolf at the time, blamed him for his love's death.. so he banned DarkStorm far from his homeland... DarkStorm was raised by many different animals and learned to communicate with the wind and earth... he could easily tell were game was by the feel of the earth... and the smell of the wind... he could tell what type of storm was they would be having by the way the earth shifted.

Back then, DarkStorm was not his name, it normally was Fang, but i'll tell you how he earned the name, DarkStorm. One day, Fang was out running with the other animals to see who was the fastest, DarkStorm easily won but what scared the animals was that when he would run, he left a path of destruction behind him! He was so dark and fast he was like a DARKSTORM!!! So he earned the name DarkStorm.

When he left the new home he lived in for many years. he decided it was time to go back to his home and claim the rightful position as the new Alpha Wolf.. but doing so he would have to challenge his Father! DarkStorm crossed many green fields and rocky mountains till he was home. The wolves saw DarkStorm enter and were ready to attack until the smelled his scent.. it was exactly like his father's, Tundra. DarkStorm walked in between the wolves until he reached his father. He saw his father and DarkStorm totally changed, his eyes were no longer blue, but now forever a green-red which showed the hatred he had for his father and his black coat had a few white stripes showing now, his teeth a little more sharper and his claws a little more jagged sharp as ice cycles in a cave. DarkStorm had changed and knew that the only way for him to become the new Alpha wolf, was to kill his father, even though it was forbidden. DarkStorm go into an attack position and leaped toward Tundra to begin in combat.....

to learn more of DarkStorm, read DarkStorm's Sacrifice.

by Kai

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