They tell stories of us, dark and wicked as the burning lightning piercing to the earth's heart in the night. They say we are of the upmost deepest evil walking the earth. That's why they come, one by one to destroy those of our kind, of our families and even our homes. They never stop to understand our spirits so tranquil and sealed with nature's gentle kiss at birth. WE are wolves, they are Man. Man tell of the untrue wicked deeds we do under darkness's veil--devouring their offspring and themselves, always searching for their flesh to satisfy our voracious stomachs. NO, these are lies, lies as untrue as the water is fluid as rock is solid. WE are wolves, wild, true, but not killers. WE kill those of our kingdom, of the creatures given to us in the natural way, eating to survive, care for our families, and to exist.

I'm one of the few of my pack who remains now that Man has killed many of them off because of the malicious legend of us being that of demons. I now wander alone, wondering when my time will come to die. I may escape and I may not. No matter, my dear friend, I want you to know the truth about my kind. Of the wolves we are, nothing more, nothing less.

by ©Jennifer A. Tissot

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