Don't Kill The Wolf

The low murmur of chants
And the slow tempo of the drums,
The Indian braves dance around the fire
As the wolf spirit comes.
The slight bellow of a howl
Off in the distance you hear,
The wolf and Indian are brothers
To each, they show no fear.

They respect one another
Because they share the same land,
The Indian learns from the wolf
The lessons he keeps at hand.
The wolf is strong and stealth
In his characteristic ways,
His howl lets you know
It is the end of the day.

The wolf was many
As in the days of old,
But now there are few
That stand so bold.
The white man shows fear
So with fear, he kills,
Thus, he builds up the land
With all his skills.

The white man doesn't understand
Why the wolf kills,
He too has to survive
With his instincts and skills.
The more man builds the land
The more he takes away,
The wolf has no where to go
Where is his prey?

His prey is the white man's
Chickens, cattle, or sheep,
He attacks them unexpected
When the white man goes to sleep.
Thus, it has made man mad
When he saw the tracks,
It was a dog like animal
For they ran in packs.

They felt threatened and scared
By the wolves periodic attacks,
They're surely vicious
When they run in packs.
But whose fault is this
Is it man or beast?
We all have to survive
To say the least.

But in order to survive
We all have to share,
By giving of something
And to show you care.
Let's save the wolf
And respect his needs,
He's not a real threat
Give back, on what he feeds.

There's a senseless slaughter
Going on these days,
Of killing wolves and
Keeping them at bay.
This can be stopped
But not without your voice,
Let's save the wolves
Make the right choice.

by Robert Mosteller

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