The story of Eclipse the wolf

A female wolf (Eclipse) stared intensely at the male leader of the Raven claw pack. She snarls the instinct and knowing of her many ancestors over the centuries running through her. The others wolfs shudder as she does the death howl. The male leader (Codan) springs at her but she is too quick and leaps at the same time. Her legs thumping downwards on to his back stunning him. The she grips his through in her powerful jaw shaking her head violently side to side till his body hangs limp. She drops him and legs her tongue snake over the blood covered fangs. The standing on the highest ridge of the cliff she howls that she is no leader. She smiles to her self she has at last avenged her fathers murder by Codan.

The sun sets and Eclipse takes in long sweeping sniffs of the air she scents a deer. Her instinct kicking in she stalks quietly to where the deer is the when she's with in inches it sees her and sprints of. She chases it full speed and as it stumbles she jumps on it killing just the way she killed Codan. She gorges on the flesh of the deer and indulges in the marrow leaving hollow bones.

A year later she meets Darkstar and she becomes his mate they have pups some with her dark black fur the others with their fathers white fur. The pups grew up and Eclipse grows old with Darkstar until they both died and can now been seen together in the stars.

by Kylie Dowers© 17/02/2004

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