Element Pack

Her black fur gleamed in the dim moonlight, and her vermillion eyes produced a light of their own.

"I am wolf of Shadow."

She sang to the stars.The howl carried down wind, and over miles of mountain terrain. Far away the pack heard her. The ivory alpha male uplifted his great,shaggy head. His title ringing back to her,

"I am wolf of Ice."

The black wolves hackles raised, and a snarl escaped her throat. She would not return to them. Miles away, the alpha hung his head. Sorry for his loss. A lesser wolf tried to persuade the shadow wolf. His golden fur gleaming.

"I am wolf of Light. Will you not return?"

The shadow wolf spat,

"Never again shall you see me."

She hated Light wolf, her elemental enemy. The packs omega tried, silver fur sparkling.

"I am wolf of Wind. Please come to us!"

The shewolf snapped,

"Coward Wind wolf! I should never return for your sake! For one wolf's sake alone will I come."

The pack stood puzzled for a moment, confused of what she meant.They had tried Ice wolf,who was bravest. Used Light wolf, who was strongest. And even Wind wolf, the most attractive. they were desperate for their life long companion. Brown Earth wolf called to no avail, and jet blue Wave wolf sang loudly. But no Shadow wolf appeared. Tan Poison wolf screamed his highest, and only received insults.

"Who." pleaded Ice wolf,"can bring our female back?"

Then shy, silent, humble reddish Flame wolf meekly slunk forward,

"I'll try."

He howled long and loud, his deep soothing voice a joy to behold. He stopped and sighed, a silence falling over the ridge. And then loud as thunder, clear as crystal Shadow wolf replied,

"I am coming, wait for me Flame wolf."

by Taren a Werewolf Mage.

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