I turn the breeze sifting through my fur as the pale morning appears before me. My hackles raise as I smell the foul smell again as it seeps through my skin as I inhale. Crouching warily I continue on along the tree line were I know it's safe. A shot rings through the air and I tense up lips raising in a dangerously silent snarl. The wind has died down and all is dead quiet as the approaching footsteps draw nearer. At last my legs start to work as I slither soundlessly into the clearing away from the noise. The sound of ripping limps and slashing teeth can be heard back at the den site were all hope was forgotten and replaced with fear. I can stand it no more for even the mightiest of beast will fall to the power of men.

A howl rings through out the land piercing the silence like a sword. The barking of the domesticated hounds can be heard from all sides as I launch off the ground and dash back to my love and my life. They are at my heals breath visible in the morning light. Blood was shed but I strain my muscles as much as I can howling for the ones I love. A breath taking pain fills my lungs and slows me as the first bullet went in. Still I did not stop determined to fight for my pack and to see them once again. Oh if only I had not been separated from them hours before the attack. If only, if only. I reach my destination to find nothing more then a few scattered chunks of fur and a pool of blood. My final step landed just out side the opening of the den were once lived a happy family pups and all. The humans and dogs caught up with me finally and as I was backed into a corner my tail did not go between my legs and I did not let fate overwhelm me. for I stood their head high chest out eyes gleaming with a different kind of light. A kind of light that shows no anger or hatred but a sad understanding of life. How misunderstood the wolf had been and now it's just to late. The population is increasing but it's spirit is shattered.

by ©mmclark

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