Final Sacrifice

Brokefang on a small ledge overlooking his territory, he spotted a herd of deer in a nearby meadow and howled to his pack. They assembled down to the meadow, their padded paws crunching softly against the snow.

Brokefang released a howl that rang across the trees, signaling his pack to go in for the kill. Brokefang ran forwards and bit into a deers tender neck muscles. Brokefang released his grip and allowed his pack to eat, a scent drifted from the west towards him. A huge black bear barreled towards him and his pack, his long time friend Moonwhisper turned and barked a warning to the pack.

Just as the bear snapped where Moonwhisper had stood. Brokefang had already lost a total of five members to this bear and had been seeking revenge. Brokefang charged at the bear and bit into its hide. The bear flung Brokefang from him like a puppet.

Moonwhisper ran to aid his companion, Brokefang snarled at him, a snarl that said "This is my fight alone." Brokefang bit into the bears neck slicing through the jugular vein, the bear gave a weak roar of anger and sliced deep into Brokefang with his clawed paw.

Brokefang fell to the ground, dead. The bear growled weakly the he too also collapsed. Moonwhisper walked up whimpering sadly as he sniffed Brokefang, Moonwhisper lifted his muzzle and gave a long mournful howl. Brokefangs' pack emerged from the trees whimpering mournfully, Moonwhisper was now the leader of the pack, while Brokefang still watches from the night sky.

by ©Josie Rodriquez

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