The First Hunt

Roma ran through the thick trees of the forest. This was her first hunt and she was determined to catch something. Roma's mother Freida and her father Neptune lead the hunting pack of wolves. Theirs was a small pack of only Roma and her parents. She used to have two brothers named RavenWing and Zeus but they had died of distemper a month before. It had been very surprising that the rest of the pack hadn't gotten it too because distemper is very contagious. But Roma and her parents were not thinking about RavenWing and Zeus right now for the thrill of the hunt had them by the throats and they were thinking of nothing else.

Neptune took the lead now carefully guiding the pack through the thick trees, scenting all the while for prey. It was the beginning of winter and there was lots of game. Neptune paused as he scented the air. He suddenly began to growl with anticipation. Just ahead feeding on some dried bracken was a middle aged female deer. Roma's ears came forward and she began to whine quietly. She looked at her father and he seemed to nod. Roma ran forward and the deer finally noticed her and bolted in terror. Roma ran after the deer excitement thrilling through her young body. This surely would be the deer she would kill. Roma could see the deer ahead of her and literally smell the fear coming off of it.

After chasing the deer for a good while through the forest it finally began to tire. The deer�suddenly stumbled and this little fault let Roma catch up. Snarling in fury Roma launched herself at the deer and bit deep into its throat. Shaking her head back and forth the deers neck and body went limp but still Roma held on to make sure it was dead. Finally Roma let go and howled with pleasure. She had just gone on her first hunt and managed to kill a deer. Raising her head she wondered if Zeus and RavenWing were proud of her.

by Tanya Picou©

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