Fox Ears - The Father

People have tried to find the meaning of life for decades, but I have found it. Because I am not human it was very difficult, also I met my mate along the way. "Who am I?" you ask I am Lilly Moon, a wolf, my mate is Lion Paw we are the alphas of the pack. We were recently separated from the pack by an avalanche. As I walk around the cave worried Lion Paw might not come back with food for our pups, I hear a long slow growl, I jump to my left to see Lion Paw facing off with, Fox Ears, the legendary black wolf.

I run deeper in the caves to risk my life for the pups if needed. Even though I only have two pups they mean more to me than the world. Finally Lion Paw limps into the cave with his right shoulder torn, and a gash in his throat. I sense he won't make it so I do my best to keep him alive. Three days later one of my pups dies because I cannot produce enough milk for both. Then I see a dark figure at the entrance of the cave. It was Fox Ears, he is holding the remains of a half eaten moose. I jump to my feet and growl a low deep growl, I never knew I had. Fox Ears just looks at me friendlily as if nothing had happened. So I relax, as I do he trots up to me puts the meat at my paws and begins to lick my pup as though it were his own flesh and blood. There are many meanings to life, but the one I found was Fox Ears, he is my Father is the reason he had been searching for me for years. Turns out Lion Paw was a member from another pack set on killing my Father. My son Fox Tail has left our pack in order to start his own, me, I have found another mate called Avalanche, a pure snow white wolf. After my father died, I had a litter of pups all but one was pure white, that pup was black so I called him, Fox Ears.

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Fox Ears- The Son

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