"Two Golden Eyes"

Two golden eyes,
Are staring at me.
Gazing through the woods,
But I dare not flee.

I try to relax,
This feeling completely new.
But I feel panic rising,
And I'm unsure of what to do.

I gaze back at these orbs,
And suddenly realize;
The gold in them is welcoming,
There's no threat in these eyes.

Feeling confused,
I want to be near.
But what confuses me more,
Is that what I feel is not fear.

I reach out to touch
The owner of these eyes,
But I'm horrified to find
That all my thoughts had been lies.

What I feel is flat,
And is hard to the touch.
I shut my eyes tight,
Feeling this is just too much.

When I open my eyes,
The wolfish orbs are still there.
I'm staring in a mirror...
I am finally aware.

By the time I awoke,
The sun was agleam.
And I was upset to find,
It had all been a dream.

Author: Silky Wolf©

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