I have a Myth

The reason why wolves sing to the moon every night

there once was a very very beautiful daughter of there leader named rose and every night she would sing a song to wolves from her den

"wolves of the night"
"the day has past"
"sleep sleep in the den"
"wake at light then hunt"
"run like wind"

Then all would fall silent one cold and dark night a nearby pack didn't like rose singing so they decided to kill her so they snuck up and ambushed her while she slept and silently killed her when the wolves awoke they found her dead her throat slashed by teeth when they buried her the father sent a message with her spirit so that she may walk the moon every night 100 years has past and the story has been passed on so every night they sing the song to her loud and clear so that she may hear it no the pack that killed her was never found and no wolves today are not sure if it was another wolf it might have been a jealous mountain lion or a bobcat or lynx who knows but all they know is the story of there elders who pass it on from pup to pup from pack to pack

Submitted by Ronda Ebeling ©

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