Journeys Of The Spirit Within

Awakening of the White Wolf

He rises from his long slumber

Much time has passed since he has walked in her light but a voice he remembers from a time ago is like a song to his ears and has awoken him from his deep sleep

Although it has been many years he can still recall the short time they were together and it saddens his heart that he slept so long and almost forgot the spirit inside of him but he does not weep for he is also glad to be awake once more

As he emerges from where he has slept and stretches his tired muscles his senses become sharper and he greets the coming evening with a renewed energy and sees again with his eyes the world before him.

He begins to move through the wild and a hunger starts in his belly for it has been a long time since he has enjoyed her company and knows only one way to satisfy his growing hunger.

Once more the hunter inside him arises

As his journey begins he stops by a pool of water to quench his thirst

While he is drinking he looks at his reflection and contemplates what he sees Although he is older his heart is still young and in his eyes you can still see the glint of the youth that wants to play and run through the country without a care in the world

But you can also see the elder who has gained the wisdom that comes with age and is more careful as he travels in this life

As he moves on his mind returns to his ever growing hunger and he must begin his hunt, He travels on and soon comes to the top of a tall mountain and he searches for a sign to show him the way but as he looks out over the land he sees nothing to help him in his quest

Above him as the clouds move in the night sky he sees what he is searching for, Although she is far away he has traveled far before and as the sky clears and the stars emerge she shines brightly like a beacon in the night and he walks in her light once more

The light of the Bright Moon

And the White Wolf howls


A Meeting Of A New Friend

The White Wolf howls but there is no moon

No longer does he yearn for the sight of her brightness in the night sky for its hold on him is no longer as strong as it once was

He has found a new reason to lift his voice to the night. His howls now echo with a new song in his heart

In his voice a song of a new found friend now fill the woods Although he travels alone most times and draws strength from his independence the chance meeting of kindred spirit has elated his soul.

Seldom in his travels does he meet another who understands his ways and has traveled along the same roads in life that he has journeyed over.

The ways of the wolf are strange to most but inside of her he sees that she also shares some of the same spirit he has in her own ways and is attracted to her because of it.

As they get to know each other better he sees in her a jumble of mixed emotions and knows that her mind and soul are troubled and wants to help her sprit mend, He listens as she tells him of the obstacles that block her happiness. He hears her spirit yearn for a simpler life

A life without problems brought about by others who want to bring her down and it saddens his heart to feel all the sadness in her life that she does not deserve to have.

He also listens as she tells him of good things in her life and sees how her eyes light up when she speaks of her son.

He feels the emotions of a proud mother come out of her and knows that his young spirit gives her strength in times of need.

He can also see within her the beautiful spirit that is the true soul within her and knows she deserves so much more happiness in her life and wants to help her find it.

As he rests and thinks to himself how he can help mend her broken spirit and bring more light to her soul his senses remind him to be careful.

In the past his willingness to help others has hurt him and he has learned to stay cautious and guard his feelings well.

While he contemplates his new friends dilemma he also senses more from her soul and it confuses him.

But it also intrigues his senses for he knows the future with this new friend can be a new adventure and he decides that he will take on this task because if he can help to brighten her spirit it will also strengthen his own spirit and be good for them both and that makes him glad.

Once again the White Wolf howls


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