Kai of the Wind

A wolf that was abandoned and left to die alone by his pack after losing his position as Alpha leader. He dragged his body across many mountains and hills, across mossy lands, lakes and rivers till he met the great spirit of life. He asked the great spirit to give him his strength back and to give him one more chance to regain his position as Alpha, the great spirit told him he must perform a task in order to see if he was able to be the rightful leader of the clan, he must help him retrieve a prize that was dearest to the great spirit. Kai accepted the task and was told to go to the top of the mountain to receive the strength he urged for, and was told to kill the new alpha leader.

Kai climbed for three days up the mountain, acquired his strength, and went back to his clan in Woodfalls, to kill the new Alpha leader. When Kai appeared, the wolves stared at him as if to see a ghost, the new Alpha leader, Kou, looked at him and snarled. He attacked Kai, but was no match for him, Kai dodged to the left and jumped up and landed on Kou and ripped his throat out. The rest of the clan looked at Kai and lowered there heads as Kai traveled back to the great spirit. He told the great spirit that he has done what was wished, but did not find what the great spirit wanted. The great spirit smirked and looked at Kai and told him you are the prize that I wanted. Kai was lifted to the air and his body shook and felt as if his body was going to turn inside out.

Kai lived, and the great spirit saw the element that suited Kai. He told Kai he would now be in control of the wind and was told that only he would be responsible for it. This was such a burden for Kia that he fled, The great spirit was angered, so he turned Kai into the wind itself. Kai was then made, and forever will remain as the wind.

By: ©Kai

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