Kara's Spirit

A spirit cries, it being so lonely its tears falling down her face into the pool. It pulls her here knowing that she's alone, an easy prey.

It comforts her, calls her, telling her to seek revenge, slowly its poison words had entered her mind because she wanted revenge on her lover.

So she got the knife that the pool gave her and waited till night then entered his home and stab him in his sleep.

She left her dead former lover and his new person and went back to the pool which was now a swamp.

Her mind poisoned, she went to the pool and thanked it, 'thank you pool the source of my courage'.

She knew what would happen and welcomed it for she had succeeded what she wanted to do, a blue light surfaced and surrounded her.

  Then a whisper entered her mind

  "You have done your task you killed your lover on a full luna moon you will change into a beast that will roam the land searching for happiness and destroying it."

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