KnightWolf and GrayWolf forever soul mates

The lone gray wolf stood out from the forest out looking the lake. She had been alone for some time. Her pack had died in the blizzard up north where she was from, the only surviver of the pack she had decided to make her way south. Maybe to find a mate or another pack she thought.

The long journey had taken its toll on the young female wolf and she needed to rest at what most wolves like to call "Lake of the Wolves". It was a resting place for traveling wolves and a playground as well.

She stood watching the other wolf packs wishing that she could be with them. But she couldn't, she was an outcast now, she thought watching them. Slowly she made her way down to the lake. She took a seat down on a rock that wolves used for howling to one another which its edge hung over the lake. Laying down she looked down at her reflection. Thin and a little boney from starvation and small game that wasn't enough to fill her.

A low growl came from behind her, she turned and found one of her packs old adversaries, a pure black coated wolf stood there growing at her. "Hello GrayWolf, I heard what happened to your pack. Want to join mine?"

"Not in a million lifetimes DarkWolf!!!! Eat scum!!!" she snapped back as her hackles and lips rose.

The black wolf came closer " Come on. Look how you look: all boney and thin. I don't get how you even made your way down her with out you dying"

"Step any closer and you will wish your mother never birthed you in the litter!--- Oh wait she already wished that, to bad it never happened!!"

The black wolf got ready to pounce but every thing had gone quiet. Every wolfs attention that had been on them turned there heads to the part of the forest where the moon light settled. Even the young black alpha male that was fighting with the gray wolf had looked.

She watched as four wolves emerged from the forest. The leader; ahead of the pack was black and white. Strong and athletic, and stood proudly out of the forest. He was known as Knight-Wolf.

All knew who he and his pack were. They were the wolf pack of the lake of the wolves. And all knew Knight-Wolf, and all knew what happened to his alpha female three winters back. But no one knew why he hadn't already chosen another mate. Some just thought he wasn't ready yet. Some thought he hadn't found the right one yet. And no one dared asking to join in on such an honor of being with such a royal and most respected pack.

Knight-Wolf stood at the edge of the woods surveying the seen. He sniffed the air for any new sent. . . The wind carried a new sent. One that hadn't been there for over 2 years. He let his nose point to the direction of the new sent and it pointed him to a young , shaggy, thin, lone gray wolf who was fighting with one of the black males of the Black woods, in which he had dealt with many a time. He turned to his pack. "Go rest. I'm going to check something out." They nodded and ran off.

Knight-wolf started toward the young female. " LEAVE THE FEMALE ALONE DARKWOLF!!! YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO CLAIM NOR FIGHT WITH THE FEMALES ON MY TARRITORY!!!" Knight-Wolf snapped.

The dark wolf snarled and reluctantly left unharmed. No wolf dared to ever fight with Knight-Wolf one reason was that it was his territory. Second, he was very strong and powerful and had so much respect that every wolf would start to defend him if necessary, leading in death or bloodshed.

Knight-Wolf turned to the young female wolf. "Are you okay???" he asked going over to her. Even if she was tattered and looked shaggy she looked. . . Beautiful in his eyes.

She shook off. "Yeah, I guess I'll live," She said looking him over with big brown eyes.

"I'm happy of that. You are new here aren't you?" he asked.

She shook her head. "No, I am no. I came from the north to seek a mate."

" What happened to your pack and what is your name my I ask??"

" GrayWolf, and my pack-" there was a long pregnant pause, "- is dead. They died of a snow storm that happened a while back. I was the only surviver. I am in also need of a pack," she added.

He lowered his head in reverence. " I am so deeply sorry to hear that Gray," he said. "Will you walk with me around for a while so we may get to know each other. Are you hungry??"

She licked her lips. " I am starving. I haven't eaten in like a week thank you. And after I eat yes, we can walk around. I think I'll like the company of another for a bit. Its been so long."

" Follow me, my pack left leftovers back in the woods. It was to big to consume so we saved some for later. Its deer." he said leading her into the woods. They both felt every set of eyes on them as they entered.

He watched as she wolfed down the still fresh meat he thought of her hard hardships that she had endured just to get here. This wasn't a mere accident of her coming down here. It was fate. Something called to him that wasn't there before, something his soul had recognized. He looked up at the shiny bright stars. 'Is this my true calling' he called silently. ' give me a sign'! he saw a shooting star fly across the starry sky. 'Is that my sign???' he asked. Again another star shot across the sky. His eyes smiled.

"What's wrong Knight-Wolf?" the young gray wolf said looking up to the heavens with Knight-Wolf.

' Nothing is the matter GrayWolf," shyly he looked away. "How would you like to join my pack Gray? It would be an honor if you did?"

"Your not serious are you?" she said with a slight wag of her tail.

" I am dead serious, I don't say thing's I don't mean you know," he said truthfully. " Besides you can take the alpha female role."

"But we just met."

" I know, but we can get to know each other . Common what do you say? Please??"he said waging his tail.

" Well. . . I think I can. I have no pack and I came here to get one, and here I got more than I bargained for. So. . . yes I will"

He licked her happily. " Come lets let the pack know. Come howl with me my new mate".

Together the sent a call that he had finally found his mate. It was a call that every wolf hoped for knight wolf's pack. They would see the happier side to him and the rest of the pack. The new pair smiled at each other, "come run with me. I want to be at your side always and forever" he said starting to run. She kept pace with him with ease as they ran side by side alone the lake waters edge, forever bound to each other. . .

By: ©laura thai age:16

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