Transformation to a Lycan

I remember the first time I transformed in to a Lycanthrope...

It was an icy night the sky was ink black and dotted with silvery stars. I walked along my breath coming out in clouds of condensed air. I was heading toward the northern most area of the town. Clothed in dark jeans and top with a heavy cloak I looked up to the sky remembering the week before when the Lycan had attacked me and bitten me before i had slayed it.

The moon slipped out from behind the clouds pale and mysterious in all its beauty. Suddenly I was gripped by pain all over and sinking to my knees I screamed all my teeth seemed to disappear in to the gums and new sharp canine teeth grew piercing my guns and causing them to bleed heavily. My hand became furry with my finger slightly curled and nails which were long and thick growing from them. A feeling like electricity went through my back and my spine began to push outwards and my whole back was covered in fur except for my bare spine. By know my whole body was coated in thick black fur and my face began to extend to that of a wolf with me screaming the whole time. Finally it was all over and I stood on my hind legs and howled loudly.

That was such an awful experience but I like turning in to a Lycan.

By: ©Gordon Dowers

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