Men are Murderers

If only he knew

What was happening as the wind blew.


He left is den for less than an hour,

And decided to return home when the air turned sour.


He returned to only see death,

It was man he would bet.


There was bloodshed everywhere,

Why was man so unfair?


They never hunted humans,

So why do they hunt them?


We are not the vicious creatures man makes us up to be,

We only wish to live free.


Now his pack is dead,

They were the ones he had lead.


Oh why did I leave today? I should have listened to my instinct, I should have stayed,


There's nothing left for me

If only they could see.


Everything I have cared about as been murdered on this day,

I wish I could see the man who did this and say,


"Why do you come out of your way, just to slay?


I wish so much I couldn't I have been hear

I would have made a difference, I would have fought with no fear.


So this is the way it ends,

It's all over now, my family is gone,

I will wait for the break of dawn,


For one day man will come for me,

And I will no longer be able to run free.

By Gypsy Yawgel© (Age:17)

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