The Midnight Excursion

One day I smelled a kill, I was just going to walk away but the smell was over-powering. I just could not walk away, so I decided to trot down there and check it out. When I got down to the dead animal, I saw that it was just killed, not even five minutes old. I started to eat it when I heard something in the bush. It was a tall, white skinned-animal walking out of the bush carrying a long, black thing, he yelled," go on now and git". Then a loud noise came out of the black thing and the ground flew up and covered me. It frightened me, I did not run. He fired again and this time a sharp pain came from my chest. I fell. I started having trouble breathing. I howled and yelped and whimpered.

I remember that day. The day the white animal came and I brushed death and looked it in the eye. That was the day I learned to listen to my instincts, and stay away from the white-skinned animal.

by Travis McKinney

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