Moonlight destiny

Every month when the full moon shines something happens to me. I am never proud of it but i can't control it. I lay in my bed praying the clouds will block out the moon put the window suddenly whips up fling open the window the Curtain dance violently in the sudden blast of wind. And there it is the moon full and bright its colour intense. I try to fight it my blue eye full of alarm but it succeeds my change begins. Skin rippling, black fur growing my nails becoming clams face lengthening to a snout and now I am a wolfess. Leaping on to the window frame i then land on the floor two stories below. I run it to the forest behind the castle where i live. In the forest I meet a white wolfess her eyes intensely green she smiles. I nuzzle her happily.

"Hello Kara"

I bark. She nuzzles back and replies

"Hello sister Afina"

We run away to the deepest part of the woods together and chase little animals for hours. Then head to an old fashioned inn we always visit and become our human forms. We meet our friend his names Dax. We talk to him for hours and all our other friends to like scar and Cherry Chan. Kara sits with her soul mate Duo a jet black wolf. Me and Kara are not really sisters but we have a bond strong enough to be sisters. After talking to all out friends we leave and go in search of the hunt a wild deer Kara and I set off fast merciless and skillfully after the deer. I trick it to go towards Kara who is hidden as it nears her unaware she springs out seizing it throat and I jump on its back. As I jump on its back it causes the spine to snap and paralysis sets in. Then we gorge on the rich meat out muscles tightening out bodies slim and light. We are united we are one, sisters together always. If I look over the time we have had together I guess I do like it really deep down so next full moon all be ready to meet my Moonlight destiny.

by Kylie©

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