Mother-Wolf Lassie

I would like to share the true story as a salute to my "mother wolf Lassie"

I was born in Germany and had a nanny in my first early years. Her husband was a captain from a big ship.

Around 1950 he brought a wolf baby back from his journey. They raised up this wolf with a lot of problems and a lot of love. 1958 I was living in there house and the wolf called Lassie was a good friend of mine. I was 2 years old and one day I crawl into the garden house of the wolf enjoying the smell of her and her beautiful eyes lying behind her and fell a sleep. Poor nanny was looking for me a long time . She wondered that Lassie did not came out of her house until she discovered that I was laying behind her. She couldn't touch me and all the had to do is wait. when I woke up I crawled outside and Lassie followed me. The heart of Nanny stood almost still when she saw us both. An unusual friendship began. I walked with her, slept with her and I loved her very much . I will never forget her beautiful eyes and the last time i saw her before she died. Her golden green eyes full of wisdom and love.

Love and light ISMA

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