Native American Quotes

Wolf I am, Everything
in darkness Will be good
In light because Maheo
Wherever I search Protects us
Wherever I run Ea ea ea ho.

- Song of a Cheyenne scout..

"Amaguk is like Nunamiut. He doesn't hunt
when the weather is bad.
He likes to play. He works hard to get food for his family.
His hair starts to get white when her gets old."

Of Wolves and Men

The Native Americans call animals the children of the earth
The wolf they call big mouth, Legend says the wolf sent spirit messages to the world beyond.

Author unknown

The White Man must
Treat the beasts of this
land as his brother.
What is man without
the beasts? if all the
beasts were gone, man
would die from a great
loneliness of spirit. For
whatever happens to
the beasts, also happens
to the man.

Chief Seattle of the Puget Sound Suwamish Tribe (1855)

We yield to our neighbors,
even our animal neighbors
the same right as ourselves,
to Inhabit this land.

Sitting Bull

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