Never Forgotten

Demelo was always alone. He was never included in any hunts, and he wasn't allowed to play with the other wolves. Indeed, he was the omega, but the other wolves treated him lower than an omega. The only times when he was spoken to was when his pack bullied him or when the alpha male spoke to him about ranks. He had no family in the pack. He starved on the daily basis because he was always the last to eat and when he finally got his turn, the was nothing left but a few strips left on the bones.

One day Demelo went to the stream to be alone after a day without food, bullying from the pack, and loneliness. He looked at his reflection. In his mind he asked over and over again 'why does it have to be this way for me? How can I survive living in this pack?'. He also wonders why his pack treats him like they do? Being an omega is the way of the pack and he can't change that. 'They wouldn't care if I was in danger. They would probably just leave me to die' he thought. He takes a quick drink and sniffs the air. Something isn't right. Suddenly he feels a sharp pain in his side. He tries to run from the bear that was attacking him but it was no use. He calmly waited for the blow that would end his life, but it never came. Instead, he heard a cry of pain from the bear as one of the wolves in his pack leaped onto it's arm, and biting it, preventing it from harming Demelo. The rest of his pack joined in and attacked the bear until it ran away. His pack waited patiently until Demelo caught up and went to their resting place.

Demelo may not have the best rank in the pack, but he now knows that even though they don't act like one, he has a family, he is not alone, and most of all, he is never forgotten.

by Katie Kopia

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