Night Spirit

Night spirit why do you haunt me, i feel you in me, just waiting to be free, try to keep you in your prison but my heart is weakening, i know what you will do if you escape, i awake to the blood on my lips........... and murder.

Night spirit why do you haunt me, your master the moon, when it calls you appear, you'll howl if you have succeeded in your doings.

Night Spirit why do you need me, why can't you have someone else, why do you need me, you use me to do your doings, use my energy...... my soul.

When i go to the pool, i see me, then as the moon shines, calling you, the tear cascading down my face falls in the pool, and as the tear disappears so do I, and I see you smiling knowing that your free.

Night Spirit, your the darkness in my soul, we are like two spirit's in one body, and i'm afraid........ i'm afraid one day we will be one, one body, one soul.

So enjoy yourself for one more night, feed on innocence, and enjoy seeing me suffer because one day you might have feelings that weren't there before, acting more human every single day, and then you will be damned, just as I am damned with you.

By Fable5000©

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