Nikira Death

No wolf could ever imagine what had happened to Nikira. She was the Beta of the pack yet one day she disappeared. It had been one hundred years since that fateful day the day the great wolf Nikira left the pack. Yet wolves still told stories of what they think may have happened. The most common one was this ...

A strong male wolf was searching for his mate. He trotted past trees and mountains not finding a single animal of his kind. He howled then waited to hear a responding cry. Nothing. The wolf's name was Boneteeth. Boneteeth searched what seemed to him the whole world but no luck. Again he howled.

"AAAWWWOOORRRAAARRR!" A response it was a full pack

Boneteeth rushed to the pack. They welcomed him kindly. Boneteeth and his new pack lived happily together until one day another male named Swift tail challenged Boneteeth. Now it didn't start out as a challenge they wanted the same mate a female named Blueye. So the battle began. Boneteeth and Swift tail circled each-other menacingly. Then they sprang. They tore savagely at each-others throats ripping and tearing. Boneteeth was old and he was the favor to win. But when Boneteeth was of his guard Swift tail rushed in and ended it. Swift tail had won.

Soon Blueye was had her cubs. She had five. They were named Nikira Pama Romulus Killer and Flamen. Nikira was the most beautiful out of them all. She had her mothers blue eyes and her fathers snow white coat. She was also the most cunning and strong. Nikira had her mothers wisdom and her father swiftness.

Nikira soon grew into a strong adult wolf. It was hunting season for humans though. Yet no one in her pack was killed. One day Nikira saw some thing in the woods. She left her pack and followed thew shape for miles.

" BANG!!" a gunshot cracked Nikira wheeled around a split second to late. Her last dying unwitnessed words were, " Why are we portrayed as the evil ones when humans are the ones who are doing the killing!"

Marjie & Glenn Thorpe

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