A note about the Wolf

True, wolves cant be mastered, but they can be tamed to some degree. They are a most magnificent animal. To watch thier tail tuck between thier legs, humped back, and full of love for you is quite a site. Not everyone gets to enjoy the thrill of watching a wolf walk the edge of the woods keeping his/her distance from people.

A shy animal indeed. But very powerful with love, a pleasure only few people like us can appreciate. Ears laid back, while in that radius around us, a warm feeling of contentment i would say. My sister wolf and i are quite a pair. No not everyone should have a wolf, but those who do have a gift from nature. If you have a wolf and dont have these wonderful feelings toward that animal you might need to find a home for it,because the wolf is lacking something on its inner self. Never stop a wolf from hauling.

In 1836, (the trail of tears) my people were told to stop speaking cherokee some forgot that language as time went on. I say let the wolf spirit run free, wolves and indians should be kept together.

by Richard Fox

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