Only an Animal as You Are

You call me a shaman, a spirit, a god
Can't you see that I suffer too?
That I bleed red and see the things that you do?
I cannot heal your wounds,
I cannot free your soul from evil spirits
If you watch me you will learn,
But I am not outwardly seeking to show you these things
I am not your slave or your leader,
Your student or your teacher
I do not watch over the forest with a protective eye
There are sights that I miss,
Hunts that I lose,
Fights that I run away from
I do not hunt nobly and think of others before myself
I am a machine designed to live, and I will do whatever I can to survive
I am not too pure to steal, scavenge, or betray
When will you learn that I am only an animal as you are?

by Wind Cloud

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