Pack Creed

I ask you,
why do you betray your brothers and sisters,
why do you kill your family then move on
they have raised you from pups
they have taught and guided you
they have fed you, sheltered you, and protected you
yet you murder them in savagery
and you curse there names
the ones who loved you
were spit on in there grave
and you continue,
to kill others,
but then cry,
why does none love me?
your ignorance makes you lonely
your hate makes you cry,
but i do not speak of wolf in this ballad
i speak of man,
the most brutal of all,
who bring there own fall
only to claim of there innocence,
while there brothers bodies lay around them
they kill themselves
by not seeing truth
for the wolf is hated by them
but the wolf is the truth keeper
he holds the key to life
that man has shunned
for his own dark ways.

by Tallsprite©

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