Sevial's beginning

Many years ago, before humans roamed on this earth, the wolves were lords over all the animals in the animal kingdom. From the tiniest ant, to the largest elephant, wolves ruled it all. There were many clans from all over. They varied in size, color, and shape. One clan was voted to be ruler over all other clans. The clan called Tyldoran. To be the alpha male of this clan was a great honor. A male wolf, in the prime of his life fell in love with a female from the same clan. He was royalty, she merely a "peasant." The name of the alpha male was Seven. He knew that in order to be with his one and only love, Veeria, they would have to leave their clan and go into hiding. They stole away into the night and the clan never saw them again.

Now, ever since all the clans decided to have the one alpha clan, they were marked with a special brand. A simple star on their foreheads and two pure white lines going down the back. No other wolf had these marks except for the alpha family. Seven, was cursed with the mark. Seven and Veeria had a son. His name, Sevial. He too, was cursed with the same marks as his father, as is tradition. They never told their son of their past and of his fathers royalty. When the time came for Sevial to wonder off on his own, he left his mother and father in search of his own life and a clan that he may join. Now, as you might have guessed, Sevial stumbled across his father's clan, Tyldoran. The guards, jumped him immediately, knocking him out and carrying him to the king and queen. They gasped in surprise, thinking they had found their long lost son. When Sevial came to, he was shocked to find himself standing before the very leaders of all of his race. He bowed, stumbling over his words. The queen walked to him slowly, having him rise. She looked him in the eye then said in a quiet and soft voice,

"You look like my son, yet you bow before me as if you were a peasant. Who are you and where did you come from?" Sevial looked stunned.

He cleared his throat and regained his composure slightly, standing tall. He tells the queen and king of his life in the small woods that his parents owned. How he has known no other life. That his family lived in peace and do not belong to a clan. That his parents did not wish to be apart of one for a reason he never truly understood. The queen gasped again. Turning to king she spoke with him in hushed and hurried tones. After a few moments, she turned back to Sevial,

"Sevial, is it? My dear boy, I am your grandmother. You are the rightful heir to the throne. Your father was prince over all the wolves. My boy, welcome home."

Sevial's jaw dropped and he looked around, as if looking for an exit that he may run from the king and queen and act as if this never happened. Of course, there was no exit. The queen summoned some guards and assigned them to Sevial as his personal protectors. Sevial began to enjoy his new home.

He stayed for a few months, learning the ways of the clan and the land. He even found himself a mate, Sheera. She was very kind, beautiful and he thought of her more than anything else in the world. One day, his grandfather fell ill and did not have long to live. Sevial left his wife and children behind to go and fetch his father and mother. When he returned to his home, his parents were overjoyed to see him in such good health. Sevial quickly told them of the circumstances and they quickly left. Seven sat by his father night and day and was with him during his last few breaths. After they had a funeral for the King, Seven pronounced that he no longer wished to take the throne. That he would pass it on to his son. The clans were overjoyed. Sevial lived to the ripe old age of 650 years old. In the time he was ruler, humans became present and he set up an alliance with them. They soon became known as man's best friend. He loved helping the humans and in return they offered protection for one another. Sevial's kin continues to roam the earth today and forever will. The markings have changed for the clans have mixed and varied, but the spirit of Sevial will forever live on in all the hearts of wolves.


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