Shadow Runner

Shadowrunner looked up to the moon and howled a lonesome sad howl. It had been months since she had seen her mate Moonshadow and her cubs Runningdawn and Fallingstar when her father exiled them from the pack and they got separated from the great forest fire. She howled again and heard a howl answer her. It was Moonshadow! She raced towards the sound and howled overfilled with joy! when she got towards the sound she saw Moonshadow and her cubs playing. She raced towards them and started to lick and nuzzle them. Then she asked "where have you been these past months i have looked and looked for you!" Moonshadow replied "we have been fighting of our pack Shadow pack how do we stop them?" he asked with a worried look in his amber eyes. "I have a plan"

"Now" she yelped to Moonshadow they raced towards her pack with Dreamer pack behind them. It was a long and gruesome battle but Moonshadow, Shadowrunner and Dreamer pack won. Then she saw her father creep out "YOU!" she growled and leaped at him she started clawing and biting him and eventually he died. She howled with victory finally finally she could create a new clan...



Stormbringer leaped to a rock and wriggled in anticipation. Today was her first hunt! But she wondered what Kia and Nightstar would say right now. But suddenly she was overcome with sadness they couldn't say anything. They were dead. They had died from the evil Black Sickness. But suddenly her father Moonshadow interrupted her thoughts with a bark that meant HURRY UP! She leapt down from the rock and joined her father and her Mother Runningdawn. Suddenly a very fat middle aged doe appeared. She glanced at her father and he nodded with approval. She leapt and snarled as she landed next to the deer. The deer slipped out from under her and ran like lightning. She ran after it. After a while the deer tired and stumbled. That move was a VERY bad mistake for the deer. At the moment the deer stumbled she leapt and almost flattened the deer. Then she held it down until it's body was limp. But she gave it a couple extra shakes JUST to be sure. When her father appeared she practically crushed him as she leapt towards him. He barked with approval as she howled with joy. Her pack joined her as she howled. Tonight her pack would FEAST!!

By ©Tori Kindredwolfspirit (age 12)

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