Shadows of Grey And White

The air carried a stillness, a gentle reminder of the wounds which his mate now tended too. The green eyes quietly closing with every loving touch, the wounds of past and past lives forgotten a bout in the quiet folds of the snow and the fading sun. His eyes scanned, almost lost in the moments when she would nurture him back to health, fixating on some unknown quality which evaded every other living soul. In the hunts, she ran with him; a quiet thunder padded out on the soft folds of early snow.

In the pack there were only 2, him and his mate. Her beautiful grey coat was bushy, her eyes always locked on him as he left to get food or snarled innocently to avoid confrontation. His black coat was never hard to miss, the imprint of love and faithfulness written all over his smile. As the winter subsided, she could hear his heartbeat , calling out beyond the love they had. In the approaching sun she knew that his time would be coming soon, that the bonds of trust would transcend into heavens shadows and she would be alone. As he kissed and said good bye to her, her tail cowered ,left without a reason to cry as he left one last time. The night called with a warning, the crows melancholy voices screeching of death and shadows...after midnight the wolf came home, his spirit rested and laid beside his mate,unaware of the dream of living which had passed him by.

By ravenwinged_99

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