She Wolf

One night I decided to go for a walk. The house seemed warm so I decided I needed a little fresh air. I took the path through the trees and started up the mountain. The moon was full and the stars shinned brightly. A warm breeze filled the air. As I got close the top of the mountain, I could hear a faint cry in the distance. A chill ran through my body, not from fear but from the sadness of the cry. I kept walking, getting nearer to the cry. As I got to the top of the mountain just a few feet away, stood a beautiful black male wolf. I got behind a couple of rocks not wanting him to see me. How beautiful he looked in the moonlight.

He sat there looking up at the moon, howling with such sadness. I sat there watching and wondering why he could be so sad. Then suddenly I heard a noise coming from the trees behind me, just a little ways down the mountain. I sat there wondering what it could be. The wolf turned and started down the mountain. The night got so quiet, nothing could be heard. I stared at the trees wondering what was approaching us. Then from the distance I saw her. She was beautiful. Just coming out trees she stood there staring into the night. I watched the black wolf moving slowly down the mountain. Wondering what he was thinking and what he would do. He stopped just for a second, staring at this beautiful Shewolf. Suddenly he started to run, faster and faster towards the Shewolf.

As he got to her, she laid on the ground. He ran to her side, tail wagging, ears standing tall. He started to sniff this Shewolf, moving slowly around her. She raised her head and licked his nose. Suddenly he started rolling on the ground, like a little puppy. Then I knew this is why his sadness, he was waiting for his, Shewolf. The two of them, started rubbing against each other, sniffing and licking one another. Showing their love for one another. The black wolf stood so proudly, knowing now she was by his side. The black wolf started to go up the mountain. Looking back and with a little cry as if to tell her to follow him. She took a few steps, then suddenly went down. He watched her fall and went running back to her. I got a little closer to see what was happening. He stood by her side, nuzzling her with his nose, but alas she did not move. Again and again he nuzzled her, trying to get her to follow him. But again his attempts failed. He lay by her side, crying. He starts to lick her again, then stops. He looks at her side and notices that something is wrong. He leans over and then notices the blood.

No, he cries, no this can't be. I have just found my Shewolf, please he cries don't take her from me now. He licks the wound, but she does not move. He looks into her eyes and sees her life slowly leaving her. She raises her head one more time, a faint cry can be heard,the cry of death. She slowly lays her head back down. The Black Wolf lays his head on her side. He watches as she takes her last breathe. The night is so still, nothing moving not even the night sounds can be heard, as if the animals knew this beautiful black wolf has lost his Shewolf. He slowly stands, not moving, he stares at his beloved Shewolf. He starts back up the mountain, only glancing back at his love, laying there so still, so lifeless. He slowly turns back to her and cries to her one last time, but she does not move. He turns back and slowly heads back to the top of the mountain. He stands there so tall, and proud. His head hangs low to the ground. still the night is quiet. I try and get a little closer to him, to watch his beauty. Slowly he raises his head. His eyes filled with tears, from deep within him, he cries again to the moon. As if to say, why did you take my Shewolf away when you just brought her back to me. Again and again he cries,the cries of loosing his, Shewolf.

The Return Of My SheWolf!!!!!

Here in the dark I stand. I smell the night air searching for any danger that might surround me. I am alone. I look to the skies and see the moon. So full and yellow. I feel the urge to cry to it, but something holds me back. I know not what it is, but I sense something is not right. I have just finished my nightly meal, drank the cool water. My hunger has been satisfied, my thirst is no more. But still I feel uneasy. Then I hear a noise.

Not certain what it is or where it came from. Then suddenly I feel pain. I know now what the sound was. Man has taken his madness out on me. I run but I am in so much pain. I run faster, trying to find a place to hide... faster and faster, not wanting to surrender myself to death. Finally I come upon a cave. I crawl slowly inside and fall to the ground. The pain slowly starts to ease, but I know my time is near. I try to lick my wound, taste my blood and it makes me afraid. I feel my life slowly being drained from my body. I drag myself to the opening of the cave. I must see the moon one more time before I die. The night is so still, nothing seems to be moving. I feel my heart beating slower, knowing it won't be long now before my life will end. I look up at the moon. It seems so eerie now. Clouds glide across it almost ghostly. A small cry comes from within me. A cry of fear, of pain. I lay my head down once again. My body feels so cold. I wonder if this is what death is. To be alone, so cold, so dark. I try to raise my head, but to no avail.

My strength is slowing leaving me. I feel a numbness now and a sort of peace come over me. I close my eyes and death surrounds me. I lay there for a bit and something starts to happen. I start to feel different, but I'm not use why. I slowly get to my feet, stand there just for a second and the slowly I turn around. I look down at the ground and with fear in my heart, I see myself laying there, not moving. No, I say to myself. This can't be happening. I wonder is this a dream. is it a fantasy that I will wake from. I turn and walk away from the cave into the dark, not knowing where I am going. I walk what seems like miles but yet I am not tired. I see a stream just ahead of me. I walk towards it. The moon is shinning so bright I see my reflection coming from the water, but wait!!! that is not me. I look again scared of the reflection in the water. No, I cry, that is not me. who is this that is looking back at me. I am a Black Wolf, but the image in the water is that of a White Wolf.

I start to run.. faster and faster... Heading for my home atop the big mountain... As I run the animals seem not to fear me as if I am not really here.. I don't understand it so I run faster until I reach my home. I sit there for awhile, wondering what has happen to me. Suddenly a warm feeling comes over me. I hear a strange sound coming from the distance. I look up and a peace comes over me. In the distance running towards me is my she wolf. I run to her, my heart pounding with the love I have for her. She draws close, her eyes sparkling from the rays of the moon. We look at one another and without saying a word, I know now I have joined my SheWolf...

"Written by Susan 3/24/97"

All Stories on this page are copyrighted by Susan

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