In my Sleep

Lying in my bed layered
With pure white sheets
The windows open the thin
Curtains sway with the wind
The room lightens with the
Moons reflection from
The Silvery frozen lake.

I wake from my sleep to
A howl of the wolf
I can hear her snarls
Even when she is miles away
She is hungry and is in charge
Of feeding her pack
Every night I hear her howl
But ignore it, I close the window

I fall asleep but I hear her
At my window, I push myself up
Turning my head, looking into her
Piercing deep blue eyes, she has found me
Her robust paws up against the glass
The moon makes her white fur coat
Shine, at first we stare at each other
Neither of us moves.

It is cold and covered with snow outside
I can see and hear her cold breathe, I move
Suddenly jumping out of bed and up against the wall
Her eyes stays on mine, she snarls jumping through
The window onto the floor then upon to my bed
My short crimson nightdress falls
Down out of my hand to my side.

The wolf snarls at me then lowers her head
Looking up at me letting out a series of loud snarls
I close my eyes turning to the side my brown hair clip
Falls to the floor, I move again my smooth foot pressing
Upon the clip blood begins to poor, I dare not move
She has her eyes on me.

She raises her nose sniffing in the air
I make a move to the door, but she is to
Quick for me, her sharp razor like claws
Rip against my breast three perfect cuts
Start to bleed, she licks the blood from them
The door opens, the wolf is gone I'm in my bed
I sit up and look towards the window it's still closed
I can hear her howl, I feel something run down my chest
And there on my breast three perfect cuts. Looking towards
The window again, I watch her walk away into the darkness
Of the woods till tomorrow night.

By Scott.N©

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