Smoothpelt swept a hand over Fallingstar's back in a brisk stroke. She turned one last time to the blue- grey she- wolf, and calmly walked away. Fallingstar nodded solemnly, then yowled hoarsely and quietly, " good luck." Smoothpelt's skin chilled as icy tears trickled and fell to the sparse, snow- covered ground. The wolf's eyes gazed mournfully and miserably at her as though she had done something wrong. Too wrong to face. The most discouraging thing of all though was that she had. She'd betrayed her pack. The pack who cared for her so long, since she had no pelt and fat paws. Cracktail sat beside Fallingstar and licked her ear, comfortingly.

"A fur-less, but so, wolf- like," hissed Fallingstar. "You never know with a fur-less." Sighed Cracktail. Then Fallingstar began to howl. Louder and louder, still more powerful. The caribou didn't scatter. The pack gathered around the lone wolf silloughetted against the silver moon. Patchface silenced her with a snort. " You aren't mourning for a furless, are you?" he challenged. Fallingstar's eyes were guilty. "I- I-" she breathed. " Get out of here! Find your own food!" the wolves rasped eagerly. " Fine, " snapped Fallingstar. But her last words to them were " remember, you never know with a furless." Then she was gone, a silent shadow ready for revenge.

By Jess age 10©

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