My Sorrow

I through my head up
and howl real loud,
for this i know,
is a beautiful sound.

I howl for joy
I howl for rain
I howl for you
my sorrows and pain.

each day man comes,
with a gun in his hand
then i know
his awful plan.

he plans to shoot
at a friend in our clan,
our fur is what
this human demands.

this is not fair,
we do not hunt him
he cannot do this
not to a wolf clan.

we like to run free,
feel the wind in our mane,
run through the cool and innocent
summer rain.

if he carries out his plan.
shoots one of my friends,
for my poor poor friend,
that is the very end.

can't man see,
we mean no harm
we only want,
our body free of scars,
pain and sorrow,
leave us be,
we don't hurt you
why do you hurt me?

by ©~Cassie Prindle [age 13]

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